Friday, May 4, 2012

Cinnamon Roll

Tate has started Tee-ball. Unfortunately, three of the eight practices have been cancelled. During the latest cancellation, I let him pick something else to do. So what does a five year old pick? Go to the library and pick out movies and books. Once we were done, we went across the street to the Bread Garden and met up with Leigha. Once there, we let him pick out a drink and a treat. He picked this cinnamon roll and

a Powerade. I got this and a ginger beer, which will get posted later. We shared our drinks and the sweets and Tate had a hard time sitting still, he was so excited. He started singing to himself, "How can I be so lucky?" As for the cinnamon roll, it was acceptable. The frosting was more like a glaze and it was bread heavy with not as much cinnamon swirling as I prefer, but Tate didn't mind.
Bread Garden Iowa City, Iowa

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