Foods To Eat Before You Die

1.  Aloo Gobi                               
 Potatoes, Cauliflower and Indian Spices 
2. Andouilette                            
Sausage Made with Pork or Veal, Intestines, Pepper,
Wine, Onion and Seasonings 
3.  Arroz Con Pollo                    
Rice with Chicken 
4.  Baba Ghanoush                   
Eggplant Mashed and Seasoned 
5.  Bagel & Lox                            
Cured Salmon Filet Served on A Bagel 
6 . Bagna Cauda                           
Warm Dip Made With Garlic and Anchovies, Similar to Fondue 
7 . Balut                                        
Boiled Fertalized Eggs 
8.  Bamba                                     
Israeli Puffed Peanut Butter Snack 
9 . Bánh mì                                   
Vietnamese Meat Sandwich 
10 . BBQ Ribs                              
Ribs (Usually Pork or Beef) Slow Cooked With A Sauce or Rub  
11.  Bird's Nest Soup                   
Chinese Delicacy. Made From Saliva Nests From Swifts.  
12.  Biryani                                   
Spiced Rice Dishes 
13.  Biscuits and Gravy (Homemade) (Restaurant)   
Popular Dish In the American South 
14.  Black Pudding                       
Sausage Made with Dried Blood With A Filler That Is
Cooked Until Congealed 
15.  Bouillabaisse                         
French Fish Stew 
16.  Breaded Tenderloin               
Breaded and Tenderized Pork or Beef Tenderloin 
17.  Bresaola                                
Air-Dried Salted Beef 
18.  Bubble and Squeek               
English Dish. Made With The Leftovers of A Traditional Roast
Dinner Fried in A Pan 
19. Calamari                                
Squid. Often Fried 
20. Cassoulet                               
French Casserole. Usually Made With Pork, Poultry and White Beans 
21. Caviar and Bilini                    
Caviar Served On Small Pancakes 
22. Century Eggs                         
Preserved Duck Eggs 
23. Chicken and Waffles             
Chicken and Waffles 
24. Chicken Fried Steak              
Breaded Tenderized Steak Cutlets 
25. Chicken Parmeasan               
Breaded Chicken Breast With Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella 
26. Chicken Piri Piri                    
Portugese Dish. Chicken Grilled with Spicy Piri Piri Peppers 
27. Chicken Tikka Masala          
Chicken Marinated In Yogurt and Spices And Then
Served In A Tomato Cream Sauce. 
28. Chile Relleno                         
Stuffed Chile 
29. Chili con Carne                     
Chili With Meat 
30. Chitterlings                           
Pig Intestines 
31. Churrasco con Chimichurri                       
Argentine Grilled Flank Steak With An Herb Sauce
32. Clam Chowder in Sourdough Bowl                  
Clam Chowder in Sourdough Bowl
33. Corn Dog                               
A Hot Dog Coated In A Thick Layer Of Cornmeal
Batter And Deep Fried 
34. Crab Cakes                            
Crab Meat With Breading Added and Cooked 
35. Cuban Sandwich                    
Hot Pressed Ham and Cheese Sandwich 
36. Dolma                                    
Turkish Dish. Stuffed Grape Leaves 
37. Doro Wett                             
Ethiopian Chicken Stew 
38. Eggplant Parmeasan              
Breaded Eggplant Cooked In A Tomato Sauce 
39. Eggs Benedict                        
English Muffin Topped with Ham or Bacon, A Poached
Egg and Hollandaise Sauce 
40. Escargot                                
Cooked Land Snails 
41. Fish Tacos                            
Tacos With Fish 
42. Foie Gras                              
Patee Made From Either Duck or Goose Liver 
43. French Fries    (Restaurant)                      
Deep Fried Potatoes 
44. Fried Green Tomatoes          
Fried Green Tomatoes 
45. Frybread                               
Native American Deep-Fried Dough 
46. Gazpacho                             
Tomato-Based Vegetable Soup 
47. Grits                                     
Native American Corse Ground Corn 
48. Gumbo                                 
Stew or Soup Made of Strong-Flavored Stock, Meats and Vegetables 
49. Head Cheese (Brawn)           
Meat Jelly Made From Parts of the Head of A Calf or Pig 
50. Hoosier Pie                            
A Sugar Cream Pie 
51. Huevos Rancheros                
Mexican Meal With Fried Eggs and Salsa 
52. Ice Cream Sandwich              
Ice Cream Sandwiched Between Cookies 
53. Jerk Chicken                          
A Spicy Seasoning Mix Cooked On Chicken 
54. Lasagne                                  
Dish Made From Noodle Of Same Name With Marinara and Cheese 
55. Macaroni and Cheese            
Macaroni and Cheese 
56. Marzipan                              
Almond Sugar Confection 
57. Masala Dosas                       
A Fermented Crepe Filled With Potatoes, Fried Onion and Spices 
58. Matzo Ball Soup                  
Jewish Soup. Balls Made From Matzah Meal, Eggs, Water and Oil 
59. Monte Cristo                        
French Fried Ham and Cheese Sandwich 
60. Moon Pie                              
Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers with Marshmallow Filling 
61. Moxie                                    
Official Soft Drink of Maine 
62. Muffaletta                             
Sandwich Made With Italian Meats and Cheeses With an Olive Spread 
63. Natchitoches Meat Pie         
A Meat Pie That is an Official Food of Louisiana.  
64. Ndole                                     
National Dish of Cameroon. Stew Made with Nuts, West
African Leaves and Either Beef or Fish 
65. Nihari                                     
Pakistani Stew Served with Bones 
66. Nikuman                                
Japanese Steamed Pork Dumpling 
67. Osso Buco                             
Veal Shanks Braised With Vegetables and Wine 
68. Oxtail Soup                            
A Stew Mad With Beef Tails 
69. Oysters Rockafeller              
Oysters On the Halfshell Served With A Sauce, Breadcrumbs and Baked 
70. Panzanella                             
Florentine Salad Of Bread and Tomatoes 
71. Pasta Bolognese                    
Italian Dish. Tomato Sauce with Meat Customarily Used With Tagliatelle 
72. Pastrami Sandwich                
Pastrami Sandwich 
73. Phaal                                      
Originated in British Indian Restaurants. A Spicy Tomato Based Curry 
74. Philly Cheese Steak              
Thin Slices of Steak Served on A Hoagie Roll and Melted Cheese   
75. Po' Boy                                 
Sub Sandwich With Meat or Fried Seafood Served on A
New Orleans Style Baguette 
76. Polenta                                  
Ground Yellow Or White Cornmeal Boiled To A Paste 
77. Pork Indad                            
 Sweet and Savorty Stewed Pork 
78. Pulled Pork Sandwich  (Restaurant)         
Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder With BBQ Sauce 
79. Qofte Ferguara                      
Albanian Fried Meatballs 
80. Rabbit Stew                          
Rabbit Stew 
81. Red Snapper Veracruzana                         
Mexican Dish. Red Snapper With a Tomato Sauce
82. Rocky Mountain Oysters    
Deep Fried Calf Testicles 
83. Rose Harissa                         
Tunisian Hot Chili Sauce 
84. Samgyetang                           
Korean Soup Containing A Whole Young Chicken 
85. Shawarma                              
Arab Meat Preparation Where Meat Is Placed On A Rotating
Spit and Slowly Grilled and Shaved 
86. Shrimp and Grits                  
Shrimp and Grits 
87. Smith Island Cake                 
A Cake With At Least 8 Layers Filled With Crea+B75m,
Frosting, And/Or Crushed Candy Bars 
88. S'mores                                  
Roasted Marshmallow and Chocolate Between Graham Crackers 
89. Sopressato                             
Italian Dry Salami 
90. Spaetzle                                 
Soft Egg Noodle 
91. Spam                                      
Infamous Hormel Spiced Ham  
92. Steak Tartare                         
Finely Chopped or Minced Raw Beef or Horse 
93. Sweetbreads                           
Thymus and Pancreas of Calf, Lamb and Pork 
94. Tafelspitz                               
Austrian Dish. Thinly Sliced Boiled Beef Dish Served with
Apples, Potatoes and Horseradish 
95. Tamales                                  
Masa Steamed Or Boiled In A Leaf Wrapper 
96. Tandoori Chicken                  
 Roasted Chicken Prepared With Yogurt and Spices 
97. Tom Yum                               
Thai Spicy Hot and Sour Soup 
98. Tortas                                     
Mexican Sandwich 
99. Turducken                              
Turkey Stuffed With Duck and Chicken. 
100 .Wagyu Beef                          
Japanese Marbled Beef (Kobe Is the Most Famous, But
Not Available Outside Japan) 
101. Wasabi Peas                         
Dehydrated Peas Dusted With Wasabi

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