National Dishes

1. Australian Meat Pie                Australia. Contains Largely Minced or Diced Meats
2. Bandeja Paisa                          Columbia. Consists of Beans, Rice, Chicharrónes, Meat or Chorizo, Plantains, Avocado, and A Fried Egg.
3. Beshmarmak                            National Dish of Both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Means "Five Fingers" Because It Is           Eaten By Hand. Boiled Meats Served with Noodles.
4. Bigos                                        Poland. Hunter's Stew
5. Bobotie                                    South Africa. Spiced Minced Meat With An Egg-Based Topping
6. Bryndzové halušky                 Slovakia. Potato Dumplings with Sheep Cheese and Bacon
7. Bulgogi                                     Korean. Barbecued Beef, Chicken or Pork
8. Buuz                                        Mongolia. Steamed Dumplings Filled with Minced Mutton or Beef
9. Cachupa                                   Cape Verde. Stew with Corn, Beans and Meat
10. Cawl                                       Welsh Soup Made With Salted Bacon or Beef, Potatoes, Carrots and Other Vegetables
11. Cepelinai                                Lithuania. Stuffed Potato Dumplings (Minced Meat or Cottage Cheese)
12. Ćevapčići                               Serbian. Grilled Seasoned Meat Kabobs
13. Chivito                                   Uruguay. Sandwich of Filet Mignon, Mayo, Black and Green Olives, Mozzarella and Tomatoes
14. Couscous                               Algeria, Tunisia & Morocco. Semolina Served With Meat or Vegetable Stew
15. Currywurst                            Germany. Steamed Pork Sausage
16. Ema datshi                             Bhutan. Chili and Cheese
17. Fårikål                                    Norway. Mutton with Bone, Cabbage and Whole Black Pepper
18. Feijoada                                  Brazil. Beans Stewed with Beef and/or Pork
19. Frikadeller                              Denmark. Flat, Pan-Fried Meatballs
20. Goulash                                  Hungarian. Stew of Meat, Noodles and Vegetables
21. Guyana Pepperpot                Guyana. Stew With Meat, Cinnamon, Cassava Juice and Peppers
22. Haggis                                    Scotland. Sheep Offal Cooked in the Animal's Stomach
23. Hamburger                             USA
24. Judd mat                                National Dish of Luxembourg. Smoked Pork Collar with Fava Beans
25. Kabsa                                     Saudi Arabian Dish of Spiced Rice, Meat and Vegetables
26. Kabuli pulao                          Afghanastan. Steamed Rice Mixed with Lentils, Raisins, Carrots and Lamb
27. Kibbeh                                   Syria, Lebanon. Minced Onions, Red Meat and Burghul
28. Kottbullar                              Sweden. Meatballs Served with Potatoes, Gravy, Jam and Pickles
29. Larb With Sticky Rice           Laos. Meat Salad with Mint, Chile Peppers and Vegetables
30. Mansaf                                  Jordan. Lamb Cooked in Fermented Dried Yogurt.
31. Minchee                                Chinese (Macau) Dish of Stir-Fried Ground Pork With Soy Sauce, Onions and Topped with A Fried Egg
32. Mulgikapsad with                 Estonia. Blood Sausage, Sauerkraut, Potatoes, Bay Leaves, Mustard,
Verivorst                                     Cream, Chives and Caraway Seeds
33. Nasi Goreng                          Indonesia. Fried Rice with Meats
34. Papusas                                 El Salvador. Made with Corn Tortillas Filled with Cheese, Chicharron, and Refried Beans
35. Parrillada                               Argentina. Meat and Poultry Mixed and Grilled
36. Pastilla                                  Morocco. Meat Pie
37. Peking Duck                         China. Seasoned and Roasted Duck
38. Pelau                                     Trinidad and Tobago. Stew Made With Either Beef or Chicken
39. Pho                                        Vietnam. Beef Noodle Soup
40. Pot-au-Feu                            French Beef Stew
41. Poulet Nyembwe                  Gabon. Chicken Dish with A Sauce Made With Nuts from African Oil Palm Trees
42. Roast Turkey                        USA
43. Romazava                             Madagascar. Mixed Meat Stew
44. Ropa Vieja                            Cuban. Shredded Flank Steak in A Tomato Sauce
45. Salteh                                    Yemen. Brown Meat Stew
46. Sancocho                               Dominican Republic. Large Pieces of Meat and Vegetables Served in A Broth
47. Satay                                     Indonesia. Marinated, Skewered Grilled Meat Served With A Sauce
48. Sauerbraten                           Germany. German Pot Roast
49. Stuffat Tal-Fenek                  Malta. Tomato-Based Rabbit Stew with Spaghetti.
50. Svíčková                                Czech Republic. Beef Sirloin Served with Bread Dumplings and Boiled in Cream
51. Tafelspitz                             Austria. Thinly Sliced Boiled Beef Dish Served with Apples, Potatoes and Horseradish
52. Vepřo-knedlo-zelo                Czech Republic. Roast Pork with Dumplings and Sauerkraut
53. Wat with Injera                     Ethiopia. Spicy Vegetables and Meat Served on Top of A Flatbread
54. Wiener Schnitzel                   Austria. Boneless Meat Coated in Bread Crumbs and Fried.

OPTIONAL  These Dishes Can Be Made With or Without Meat
55. Borscht                                 Ukrane. Soup Made From Beets and Vegetables. Hot and Cold Varieties Served With Beef or Vegetarian
56. Crepes                                   France. Thin Pancakes
57. Dim Sum                               Hong Kong. Bite-Sized Food Served in Steamer Basket or Small Plate
58. Empanada                             Chilean. Stuffed Bread or Pastry. Often With Meat, Cheese, Fruits or Vegetables
59. Fondue                                  Sweden. Melted Cheese Served in A Shared Pot
60. Gall Pinto                              Costa Rican and Nicaragua. Rice and Beans
61. Mole Poblano                        Mexico. Consists of About 20 Ingredients, Including Chili Peppers and Chocolate
62. Moussaka                              Greece. Eggplant Casserole Popular In the Middle East
63. Nasi Lemak                            Malaysia. Rice Cooked in Coconut Milk With Varios Side Dishes
64. Ndole                                     Cameroon. Stew Made with Nuts, West African Leaves and Either Beef or Fish
65. Paella                                     Spain. Made of Rice, Meat, Seafood and Mixed Vegetables
66. Pelmini                                   Russia. Filled Dumplings
67. Pierogi                                    Poland. Potato Stuffed Dumplings That Are Boiled Then Fried or Baked
68. Poutine                                  Canada. French Fries and Cheese Curds Covered With A Brown Gravy
69. Sushi                                      Japan. Cooked Vinegar rice and other ingredients

PESCATARIAN (Fish-Based Meals)
70. Ackee and Saltfish                Jamaica. Saltfish cooked with Ackee (an exotic fruit), onions, Scoth Bonnet, Tomatoes and Spices
71. Amok Trey                           Cambodia. Steamed Fish with Coconut Milk
72. Bacalhau com Natas             Portugal. Salted Cod, Potatoes, Onions and Cream
73. Ceviche                                 Peru. Seafood Cooked In Lime and Lemon Juice
74. Cou-Cou and                        Dish of Antigua, Baruda, Barbados, British & US  Virgin Islands. It is
Flying Fish                                 Cornmeal Covered Okra Served With Flying Fish
75. Crack Conch with                Bahamas.
Peas and Rice
76. Fish & Chips   (Resataurant)     England. Battered and Deep Fried Fish Served with Chips (Fries) 
77. Hákarl                                  Iceland. Fermented Shark
78. Ilish Polau                            Bangladesh Pilaf with Ilish Fish
79. Moules-Frites                      Belgium. Mussels and Fries
80. Pad Thai                               Thailand. Stir Fried Rice Noodles With Eggs, Fish Sauce and Spices
81. Semeç Masgûf                      Iraq. Open Cut Fish Grilled and Spiced
82. Thieboudienne                      Senegal. Made With Fish, Rice, and Tomato Sauce

83. Colcannon                             Ireland. Mashed Potatoes and Kale
84. Dal bhat                                Nepal. Rice and Spiced Vegetables
85. Draniki                                  Belarus. Potato Pancake
86. Falafel (Homemade)             Israel and Egypt. Fried Ball Made From Ground Chickpeas, Fava Beans or         (Restaurant)                                 Both
87. Fasolada                                Greece. Soup of White Beans, Olive Oil and Vegetables
88. Ful Medames                        Egypt. Mashed Fava Beans with Onion, Garlic and Lemon Juice
89. Ghormeh Sabzi                     Iran. Herb Stew
90. Kasha                                    Russia. Buckwheat Porridge
91. Khachapuri                           Georgia. Cheese-Filled Bread Topped With Egg and Butter
92. Kimchee                                Korean. Fermented Seasoned Vegetables
93. Koshary                                Egypt. Rice, Lentils, Chickpeas and Macaroni
94. Matoke                                 Uganda. Steamed Plantains
95. Shchi                                     Russia. Cabbage Soup.
96. Sinigang                                 Philippines Tamarind Based Soup. 
97. Som Tam                               Thailand. Spicy Papaya Salad
98. Sopa Paraguaya                     Paraguay. Cornbread with Cheese
99. Stamppot                              Netherlands. Potatoes with Herbs and Veggies
100. Tabbouleh                           Lebanon.  Made of Bulgur, Tomatoes, and Finely Chopped Vegetables and Herbs
101. Tavče Gravče                      Macedonia. Spicy Beans and Peppers

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