Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love Balls Bus

Love Balls are all made fresh on a converted short bus. What are love balls? Essentially, they are savory filled pancake balls.

Caprese & Garlic Yaki-Onigiri
The Caprese was filled with fresh mozzarella and scallions. On the outside they were served with preserved tomatoes, with a basil pesto and a spicy kewpie mayo. The garlic Yaki-Onigiri are rice balls with a Nori (seaweed) wrap. While I liked the tast of the Caprese, I found the texture to be offputing. They were soft and spongy, but it was like that sponge was soaking a bit too long.  Because I didn't order any other Love Balls, I assume that they are the same texture. This is not to say that they weren't good or that I wouldn't order them again, because I would. The Yaki-Onigiri was subtly flavored and tasty. As simple as it was, I am a fan of bolder flavors and wanted more of the pesto and mayo.
The Love Balls Bus mixes East and West flavors in a way that I've never had before. If you are looking for something new, you should try this place.
Love Balls Bus Austin, Texas

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