Friday, March 16, 2012

Grilling Fail

This is the perfect example at what can happen if you walk away from your grill. Whether it is to answer your phone or to start a DIY project or both.

This was a rare meal where everything was bad. Along with this, I grilled some sweet potatoes with with a honey butter that turned into an oily caramel on the grill. Throughout this meal, I kept apologizing to Leigha and we both agreed that the best thing was the leftover corn that we had picked, taken off the cob, frozen, dethawed, warmed up, put in the fridge and warmed up again. Therefore...grilling fail.


  1. The difference between a surgeon and a chef is; a chef eats their mistakes.

  2. ...unless you are a cannibal. I wasn't too excited to eat this mistake. I must say that there was one brat that ended up NOT coated in carbon. Tate picked that one and only ate one bite.


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