1. Angel Cake                                                           Not To Be Confused With Angel Food Cake. Consists of Two or Three Layers of Sponge Cake.
2. Baked Alaska                                                      Cake Topped With Ice Cream and Meringue Then Baked
3. Basboosa                                                              Middles Eastern Dessert Made with Semolina and Yogurt
4. Bem Casado                                                         Brazilian Wedding Cake
5. Bibingka                                                                 Philipino Rice Cake
6. Bibingka Especial                                                Made With Rice Flour And Coconut Milk Baked in Banana Leaf
7. Black Forest Cake                                               Chocolate Cake layered with Whipped Cream and Cherries
8. Bluebarry Buckle                                                 Single Layered Cake With Blueberries
9. Boston Cream Pie                                                A Round Cake That is Split and Filled With Custard or Cream
10. Carrot Cake                                                         Cake Made With Grated Carrots
11. Cheesecake                                                         Fresh Cheese Sweetened and Baked In A Crust
12. Coffee Cake                                                         Cakes To Be Eaten Alongside Coffee
13. Eccles Cakes                                                        Small Round Cake Filled With Currants
14. Jello Cake                                                             Sponge Cake With Liquid Jello Poured Over the Top
15. Jelly Roll                                                               Sponge Cake Roll
16. Kuchen                                                                  Dough Crust With Custard Filling
17. Lamington                                                           Sponge Cake With Chocolate Icing and Coconut
18. Madelines                                                           Small Sponge Cakes Shaped Like A Shell
19. Molten Chocolate Cake                                 Chocolate Cake With Pudding Center
20. Pashka                                                                 Russian Easter Cheesecake
21. Pavlova                                                                Meringue Cake
22. Pineapple Upside Down Cake                      Cake Topped With Pineapple Rings
23. Red Velvet Cake                                               Red Layer Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting
24. Strawberry Shortcake                                     Sweet Biscuits With Strawberry
25. Tiramisu                                                              Italian Layered Coffee Cake
26. Tres Leches                                                        Sponge Cake Soaked In Three Kinds of Milk
27. Carob Chips                                                        Vegan Substitute For Chocolate Chips
28. Chocolate Mousse                                          Chocolate That Incorporates Air Bubbles
29. Cotton Candy                                                    Spun Sugar
30. Fudge                                                                  Sweet, Rich and Smooth Confection
31. Loukoumi                                                           Turkish Delight
32. Nougat de Mountelimar                               Nougat With Roasted Pistachios and Almonds
33. Toffee                                                                 Carmalized Sugar or Molasses and Butter
34. Truffles                                                               Chocolate Filled With A Chocolate Ganache Center
35. Alfajores                                                              Soft Cookies From South America
36. ANZAC                                                                 Biscuits Cookie Popular in Australia and New Zealand
37. Bizcochito                                                           Butter Cookie with Anise and Cinnamon
38. Blondies                                                              Similar To Brownies, With Brown Sugar in Place of Cocoa
39. Ciastka Kruche                                                 Polish Pecan Cookies
40. Ghreyba                                                             Egyptian Butter Cookie
41. Gingersnap                                                       Cookie Flavored With Ginger
42. Macaroons                                                       Almond Coconut Cookies
43. Makroud el Louse                                          Algerian Almond Cookie
44. Nanaimo Bars                                                  Wafer Crumb Topped With Custard and Chocolate
45. No Bake Cookies                                             Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies
46. Snickerdoodle                                                 Cookie Rolled in Cinnamon Sugar
47. Whoopie Pie                                                     Two Cake Mounds Filled with Frosting
48. Banana Split                                                     Banana Split In Half and Topped With Ice Cream
49. Faloodeh                                                           One of The Earliest Forms of Cold Dessert
50. Gelato                                                                Italian Ice Cream
51. Ice Cream 1                                                         Sweetened Frozen Dairy
52. Sherbet                                                             Frozen Dessert Containing A Small Amount of Dairy
53. Bananas Foster                                              Bananas and Ice Cream Flambée
54. Caramel Apples                                             Apples Covered with Caramel 
55. Cherries Jubilee                                             Cherries and Liquer Flambéed
56. Haupia                                                             Coconut Milk-Based Hawaiian Dessert
57. Hjortronparfait                                              Swedish Cloudberry Parfait
58. Pisang Goreng                                              Fried Banana
59. Caramel Corn                                                Popcorn Covered in Caramel 
60. Chocolate Covered Bacon                        Chocolate Covered Bacon
61. Flan                                                                 Tart With A Base of Shortcrust Pastry
62. Gajar Halwa                                                 Indian Dessert Made with Carrots Cooked in Milk and Ghee
63. Gaufres de Liege                                        Belgian Sugar Waffle
64. Honeycomb                                                 A Mass of Hexagonal Wax Cells Built By Bees Containing Honey
65. Pocky                                                             Candy Coated Biscuits
66. Rice Crispy Treats                                       Bars Made With Rice Crispies and Marshmallows
67. Apfelstrudel                                                 Austrian Pastry (Apple Strudel)
68. Apple Dumpling                                         Pastry Filled with Apple
69. Baklava                                                        Phyllo Pastry Filled With Nuts and Honey
70. Beignet                                                          Fried Fritters With Powdered Sugar
71. Besan Laddu                                                Indian Pastry
72. Biscotti                                                           Italian Twice Baked Almond Biscuits
73. Canelé                                                           A French Pastry With A Soft Center and A Dark Caramelized Crust
74. Churros                                                         Hollowed Fried Dough Pastry
75. Cinnamon Roll                                            A Sweetened Roll With Cinnamon and Icing
76. Dutch Letters                                              ‘S' Shaped Pastry Filled With Almond Paste
77. Éclair                                                             Long Pastry Filled With Cream and Topped With Icing
78. Elephant Ears                                            Fried Dough Pastry Common at Carnivals and Fairs
79. Fried Ice Cream                                        Breaded Ice Cream That is Deep Fried
80. Funnel Cake                                              Fried Batter Poured in A Circular Overlapping Pattern
81. Mandazi                                                     East African Fried Bread
82. Pasteis de Nata                                        Portugese Egg Tart
83. Sopapilla                                                    Fried Pastry Popular in South and Central America
84. Strudel                                                        Layered Pastry With Filling
85. Sufganiyot                                                 Jewish Fried Jelly-Filled Doughnut
86. Twinkie, Deep Fried                              Deep Fried Twinkie
87. Key Lime Pie                                            Pie Made With Key Lime Juice
88. Lemon Meringue Pie                            Lemon Baked Pie With A Meringue Topping
89. Pecan Pie                                                  Pie Made With Molasses and Pecans
90. Pumpkin Pie                                            Pie With Pumpkin-Based Custard
91. Shoofly Pie                                              Molasses Pie Originated From the Pennsylvania Dutch
92. Arroz con Leche                                     Sweet Rice Pudding
93. Barkram                                                   Swedish Berry Pudding
94. Bread Pudding                                       Stale Bread Soaked in Liquid and Sweetened
95. Crème Brûlée                                         Custard With A Caramalized Top
96. Custard                                                    Made With Egg Cream and Sugar
97. Dulce de Leche                                     Sweetened Carmalized Milk
98. Quindim                                                 Brazilian Coconut Custard
99. Rice Pudding                                         Rice Mixed With Milk and Raisins 
100. Tapioca Pudding                               Sweet Pudding With Tapioca
101. Wojapi                                                 Native American Pudding

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