Friday, January 4, 2013

Bacon Pancakes

One morning, as I was making pancakes for the kids, I decided to put some bacon on my pancake on a whim. As I did it, I wondered why I had never thought of doing it before.
One of my favorite bacons is maple bacon.  One time a vegetarian had told me that bacon was the number one temptation for most vegetarians that he knew. There are few things that the culinary world agrees on unanimously. I can think of butter and bacon; both of which were in this meal. People also unanimously agree that if you eat like this every day, you will be smiling until the day of your heart attack. The smokiness of the bacon was a nice compliment to the pancake and the butter and syrup that were placed on top of the cake. My kids, who, for the most part, are disinterested in meat in general ate these pancakes without a complaint.

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