Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bits and Druthers

Bits & Druthers food trailer offers up authentic British food from a trailer sporting a Union Jack Flag painted on the front of it. We ordered their signature dish,

fish and chips. They were served up wrapped in paper printed with the Union Jack as well. It was like we were getting a bouquet of fried food. The fish was moist and the battered was seasoned well. As I am not really a big fan of fries, it is not a knock to say that they were passable. 

The kids devoured the fries as they dipped them into the accompanying container of tartar sauce and ketchup. I prefer to have the fish heavy on the malt vinegar, but I understand why they allow people to do that themselves. As I was sharing with a group, I opted not to do this. The meal was not complicated, but it was done well.
Bits & Druthers Austin, Texas

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