Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crêpes De Luxe Café

I've eaten here since before Crêpes De Luxe Café was a full-blown restaurant and the owner Hicham Chehouani had a street cart in the Pedestrian Mall. It was just like the crêpes that you get on the street in France.

Initially, Crêpes De Luxe Café was aimed at the bar crowd, but the superb menu is compromised of equal part sweet and savory and it soon got a storefront. Everything is made to order in front of you with fresh ingredients. On this day, I got "Le Cochon" (The Pig). As soon as the fresh crêpe was mad, Hicham cracked an egg on top off it. As he spread the egg around the crêpe partially soaked the egg as it cooked. Then he scattered slices of ham and Swiss cheese across the face of the crêpe. After the cheese had started to melt, he sprinkled fresh spinach leaves and topped it off with a basil aioli. Every time that I stop by Crêpes De Luxe Café, which is every couple months, I am greeted like a regular and have an actual conversation with Hicham as I watch prepare my meal. I have yet to get anything short of wonderful.
Crêpes De Luxe Café, Iowa City Iowa

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