Saturday, February 25, 2012

Firefly Pies

Notice the dome in the back that houses the wood oven
Firefly Pies is truly a unique food trailer, as they make all of their pizzas to order in the wood oven in the back of the trailer. While their menu did have the regular pepperoni and sausage options,

it consisted mostly of high-end ingredients and uncommon toppings. We got two pizzas. The first was a simple cheese for the kids, as we weren't sure if they would eat the pancetta from the other pizza.

The adult pizza was pear, honey and pancetta with basil, black pepper and mozzarella. The crust had a crispy and charred exterior while still soft on the inside. I love basil and its addition to the sweet honey and the salty pancetta. I would be interested in trying anything else from Firefly Pies.
Firefly Pies Austin, Texas

1 comment:

  1. The pies look and sound yummy. My only concern is that Tate may have had too much of that beer in front of him. (grin)


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