Friday, February 24, 2012

Foods To Eat Before You Die: #101 Wasabi Peas

 Wasabi Peas are a simple and healthy snack, but they are a misnomer. The peas are dehydrated and crunchy, but they are not actually covered in wasabi.

Wasabi is difficult to cultivate and rarely found outside of Japan except at top-tier restaurants due to it's cost. In America, wasabi is generally substituted by its cousin, horseradish. People know wasabi because of its nasal clearing qualities. But unlike chili peppers, the heat quality is not due to oils, so it is short lasting. When it is turned into a dried powder, it loses some of it oomph as well. When eating wasabi peas, you get an initial, yet short-lived spark in your mouth. Because there is little residual effect, you are able to actually taste the wasabi (or horseradish) and the crunchy dehydrated peas. As I am a big fan of most things hot whether it is cayenne, Sriracha or wasabi, I really liked this suprisingly filling snack. They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are the kids trying them.
Tate Started by Saying "Yum"

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