Saturday, February 11, 2012


When I was in college, I considered Quinton's to be a decent bar with pretty good food. What I really like was that they didn't just serve the typical bar food of chicken wings and nachos. They were known for their soup bowls and sandwiches. I hadn’t been to Quinton’s in years, but we were armed with two hungry kids, a Groupon and nostalgia. Both of the kids loved the idea of eating the bowl that we ate the soup out of. The four of us split two sandwiches and two soup bowls.

We started by getting chips and queso. I had one bite and I was done with that. The chips weren’t that appetizing and the queso tasted like it was straight from a jar. For our sandwiches, we got a smoke stack, which is “Slices of lean smoked beef and smoked turkey layered with smoked Gouda cheese. Garnished with lettuce and a spicy Russian mustard.”  And a hawkeye, “chicken breast covered with melted Provolone cheese, sliced tomatoes, a mound of lettuce, and topped off with our own special house honey mustard.” We ate them before I remembered to take any pictures.

As for the soups, we got Creamy Potato Bacon and Wisconsin Cheese. It didn’t take too long before Tate declared Quinton’s as his new favorite place to eat. He really liked the cheesy soup and when we reminded him that he could eat the bread bowl, too he was all smiles. I walked out thinking that the food wasn’t as good as I remembered, but unlike when I was in college, I was sober for this entire trip. It was nice knowing that now I wouldn’t be going to Texas Roadhouse every time I let the kids pick a place to eat.

Quinton's Coralville, Iowa

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