Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cake Baked Inside An Eggshell

When I saw a picture of this on Pintrest, I knew that it would be the perfect activity to do right before Easter. Conveniently, eggs have become a much larger part of my diet once I became vegetarian. For about two weeks, a drill with a small bit has been sitting on our kitchen counter. Any time that I made something with eggs, I would carefully puncture the egg with the drill and pull away an opening to the egg.

Often times, the puncture hole was so small that it didn't  disrupt the membrane of the egg. Once I had enough eggshell containers, I soaked them in salt water and carefully pulled the membrane away from the inside of the shell. I don't know if this is necessary but I didn't want to find any little eggy strings in the cake.
Any cake recipe will work for this project. I chose a yellow cake, as it seemed appropriate to be on the inside of an egg. When I was done rinsing out the eggs, I placed the shells in a small cupcake pan and dried them in the oven while it was pre-heating.
Next, I added all of the cake batter into a large zip lock bag and cut a corner to make a homemade piping bag. Squeezing the cake batter into the eggs was a bit too high of a skill level to have the kids help, but once I was done filling all of the eggs (and other muffin sections), I let them take turns squeezing it into their mouths.
When the egg-cakes where done, I waited until the shells had completely cooled before I let the kids try them. Inside the shell, the cakes were fully cooked and moist. It was fun the peel the shell away and eat the egg, too. Leigha and I agreed that while it was something that would be perfect to do for a party. It was a really cool presentation, it was whimsical and fun, but not really worth the effort to become a regular way to prepare eggs.

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