Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A & W Rootbeer Float

When I was a kid, my dad would take me to an A & W occasionally. It was always a special treat to me, and it wasn't always because of the food. I thought that it was really cool that you could order from and eat in your car while it was parked in their parking lot. Plus, it was really cool when they would bring your food out on a tray WHILE ROLLERSKATING!

As an adult, I don't like to eat in my car. Generally when I do this, I am driving. To me, this takes the fun out of eating. There is no reason that eating shouldn't always be fun. Even when you are eating fast food. When you eat and drive, it isn't for pleasure, it is purely for sustenance. Which is never why you should eat fast food. On this particular day, Leigha was out of town for a bachelorette party and I had dropped the kids off at her parents for the evening because I worked early the next day. As I was driving home, I stopped to get gas. Inside this gas station, there was an A & W. I decided that, despite the freezer full of ice cream products at home, this would be a wonderful last treat before I spent the next two weeks juicing. When I was handed the cup, I was immediately disappointed. Not only was the cup not frosted, it was paper. All that the employee did was pour some root beer from the fountain and then add some ice cream from the soft serve machine. I immediately had buyer's remorse. I should have bought some cheese curds, I thought to myself. I understand that when A&W started to expand their menu to include for food stuffs, that they were increasing their profitability. That way, they could serve food all year round. But I also thing that when they did so, it came at the expense of quality. They no longer specialized in their signature food item, the root beer float. I could have easily made my own root beer float at home for cheaper and with higher grade products.

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