Saturday, April 14, 2012

Airliner Pizza

Nearly every single Sunday for two and a half years, I went to the Airliner for their $1 slices of pizza. It was a staple of my college life. Each week, a group of my friends would meet here without fail and without calling each other first. One thing about going to the Airliner was that you never knew what

you were going to get that week. Some weeks the crust was thinner, other weeks the pizza was saucier than others. But it always has a distinctive taste. Some weeks it was just okay, where other weeks it was the best pizza that you'd ever eaten before. Every Tuesday night, the Airliner offers half price pizza. This is when we go to get the more expensive deep dish pizzas. On this particular day, as I was in the middle of my second week of vegetarianism, we split the pizza in half. On one side, we had spinach and feta cheese. On the other side, the kids each got to pick an ingredient and we ended up with sausage and ham. I can't speak for the meat side, but the feta spinach was just what I wanted. It was saucy, as I like it and loaded with cheese. 

Emery said that she loved the pizza and she ate enough for me to believe her.

Tate, on the other hand, was distracted by the five different televisions that were hanging on the walls within his viewing area. He had also filled up on the fresh popped popcorn that is readily available to anybody that wants to scoop it up for themselves. The other thing about eating out with the kids is that they are allowed to have pop then. As we don't have it around the house, it adds a touch of special when we go out to eat. 
If you are ever around Iowa City on a Tuesday or Sunday, you should stop in for some pizza. And hopefully it is one of their amazing pizza days.
Airliner Bar Iowa City, Iowa

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