Thursday, April 19, 2012

Piel De Sapo

One day, when I was shopping for some produce to juice, I came across this melon. I had never heard of Piel De Sapo before, but I was intrigued. While it looked like a small watermelon, upon picking up it up, it was firm yet soft to the touch, I smelled it and got a few wafts of sweetness. So I did what anybody does these days when they have a question; I googled it.

As it turns out, Piel De Sapo is a Spanish melon that is incredibly popular in Spain. In fact, Spaniards assume that you are talking about this fruit when you say "melon". When I cut this open, it wasn't very fragrant. It looked like a cross between a honeydew and a cucumber. Not only did it look like a combination between the two, it also tasted like a combination. It tasted sweet like the honeydew, but it wasn't as firm. The meat of the fruit was soft like a cucumber, but not mooshy. This makes the fruit have a nearly creamy texture. When I juiced it, I combined it with some pears and it was immediately one of my favorite juices.

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