Monday, April 30, 2012

Egg and Cheese Quesadilla

Most of the time, I think of quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches as the same thing on different breads. Lately (because we got 200 tortillas for $1) I've been trying out new combinations and techniques with the quesadilla. This particular quesadilla had

cheddar cheese and fresh basil. One of the new things that I tried was adding an egg. The important part of doing this was keeping the heat low and slow. I let the cheese melt around the perimeter to keep the egg from spilling over the edges. Once I dropped the egg in the middle, I used a fork to spread it out and let it cook. Once it reached an over-easy consistency, I flipped it. The other thing that I tried out that I thought was successful was adding cheese to the outside of the quesadilla. I sprinkled some grated Parmesan on top of the butter and as it melted, it created a nice crust. This work so well that I decided to cook some sriracha into into the outside as well. This resulted in both the cheese and the tortilla to absorb some of the sauce, making it more unified and cohesive with each bite. The egg mixed with the cheese to create a silky smooth texture that contrasted well with the crunch from the cheese on the outside. With the success of each of these aspects, I think that it is time for me to start trying out different cheeses. Any suggestions?

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