Sunday, April 29, 2012

Inappropriate Food Pictures

Mr. orange peel
Insert Pithy Comment Here

Plopp Chocolate

Nobby's Nuts Smoked Bacon 
Black Bush Whiskey
Neilson Homo Milk

Cemen Dip
Cock Banana In Syrup
Golden Gaytime Ice Cream 
Comes In A Variety Of Flavors
Cock Flavoured Soup
Fart Drink
Vergina Beer
Sogay Water
Shitto Hot Pepper Sauce
Pee Cola
Jussipussi Dinner Rolls
Homo Sausage
Big Nuts Chocolate Bar
Ayds Appetite Suppressant
Negrito Bimbo Chocolate
Fagottini Chocolate
Yes, Proudly Made In Australia
Pocari Sweat Water
F Cup Pudding
Cheese Crack
Shrimp Crack
Erektus Energy Drink

It Is Hard To Believe That
Even This Is Lost In Translation

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