Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cafeteria Brownie

Sometimes you crave food that isn't really that good. This explains why McDonald's makes tooooooooons of money. I work in an Emergency Room inside the state's largest hospital. There is always a cafeteria open, and the food is never really that good. This brownie was labeled as a

"Gourmet Brownie".  As I took my first bite, I was surprised. It was better than I expected. And it wasn't just because of the shavings of white chocolate on the top. It was moist, tasty but not gourmet. This was one of those foods that decreased in its likability with each bite. After eating half of the brownie, I was faced with a decision. Finish eating the brownie and hate myself or throw away the rest and hate myself for wasting my money. I realized that even though my biggest loser competition had not started yet, it was okay to start scaling back on some things.

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