Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bo James

Bo James is knows for their drink specials for Friday after class (FAC) in Iowa City. After having the terrible burger at Okoboji, I wasn't really in the mood for a burger, but I was up for having a lunch date with Leigha. As is commonly the case, we had a coupon. I ordered the Texas Burger. The two burgers were eerily similar in description, but where the Okoboji Burger went wrong, this burger was
incredible. It was cooked just right and still pink in the middle. Often people are scared of color besides brown in a burger, but it's OK. In fact, it is probably juicy, too. This burger not only had a better tasting burger, but the slices of bacon were thick and a good quality. The barbecue sauce was served on the side, allowing the customer to put only as much as they want on the burger. Of course, I used it all. All of this was on top of a nice soft yet sturdy bun. This is how a burger should be. Well done, Bo James. Well done.

Bo James Iowa City, Iowa

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