Sunday, March 4, 2012

Super Burrito and Lupita's Bakery

Often times on my days off, I do painting and side work for a friend of mine. All of the money that I make from this is blog money. I use it to pay for activities or now, food. The only reason that I went to this place was because it was down the street from where I was painting and I had a coupon. I am so glad that I didn't pass on it because of its name. It was so good that I went there two days in a row.

On the first day, I got a super burrito with chorizo. This wasn't the red tube chorizo that you see in grocery stores. It was well seasoned and crumbled into small pieces. Along with the burrito, I got the national soft drink of Mexico, Jarritos. This popular drink comes in a bevy of fruit flavors. As I sat down to eat my meal, I browsed through the menu. This is when I saw the six options for meat that one can get in their burrito. Ground Beef, steak, chicken, chorizo, and ground beef/bacon combination and beef tongue. Yes, beef tongue. It was at this point that I truly understood the authenticity of a restaurant that would regularly served this option to a population of people that would generally be grossed out by it. That is when I realized that I was going to come back the following day and order the beef tongue burrito.

Beef/Bacon Burrito
On the second day, I returned with the buy one get one free coupon that I didn't use the previous day. I promptly ordered the beef/bacon combination to eat there with the beef tongue to go. I decided that I would eat that one at home so I wouldn't offend if I didn't like the beef tongue. The beef and bacon combination wasn't as good as the chorizo, but that is not to sell it short. It was still a burrito filled with rice, lettuce, beans, Pico De Gallo, guacamole, cheese, beef and bacon. At first, I thought that he bacon was too scare, but then I realized that if it wasn't a mixture of the two meats that the bacon would overpower the other tastes of the burrito.

But this place is not just a restaurant, but also a bakery. So there was no point in going there two days in a row and not trying some of their baked goods. Their cookies were crisp, flaky and full of flavor. But what really stole the show were their churros. But, as that is on my 101 foods list, that is for another post.

When it came time to eat the beef tongue burrito, nobody wanted to try it with me. As it turns out, beef tongue has a taste somewhere between ground beef and steak, leaning more towards steak. As beef is a tough and often used muscle, its cooking process is a long one. After cooking for a long period of time, the tongue was pulled and had a consistency similar to chicken. If nobody had told me, I would have never know that it was tongue. It seemed like a perfectly passable substitute for steak. Unlike the oxtails that I had made previously, it didn't have that slightly off and gamey taste. I really liked the extra salsa verde on this, too.

If anybody is looking to be adventurous with their food, or even go for a milder and American-friendly taste profile, I highly recommend giving Super Burrito & Lupita's Bakery a chance.

Super Burrito & Lupita's Bakery Cedar Rapids,Iowa

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