Monday, March 19, 2012

Ras Malai (Indian Cheesecake)

Ras Malai generally consists of flattened balls of paneer laying in cream and flavored with cardamom. When I went to the India Cafe, this was labeled simply as "Indian Cheesecake". I had never had it before and didn't know how it was normally paired. After tasting it by itself I came to the conclusion that while it was sweet and creamy, it was too dry. So I

dipped it in rice pudding. I thought that the pairing worked out well. It wasn't until later when I went online to look up the real name for Indian Cheesecake, that I found how close to the traditional pairing that I was. It made me feel like I might be coming into my own with making natural pairings with foods. I've always been impressed with those people that can taste a food and say everything that was in it. Maybe I can give myself enough of a home-schooled food education to do this one day, too.

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