Monday, March 26, 2012

Bacon Pecan Maple Danish

Every day at the Java House, they offer a two-for one deal for products that weren't purchased the day before. As I was walking by, I glanced at this. When I came back later, it caught my eye again so I walked over to see what it was. Two danishes for $2 is a pretty good deal in itself, but when I saw the flavor, I knew that I had to buy it.

Bacon Pecan Maple may seem like an odd combination for a danish, but then if you start to think about it, all of these are common flavors used in breakfast foods or baked goods. I thought that it was quite good. The saltiness of the bacon was contrasted by the sweetness of the maple. And the crunchiness of the bacon and pecans were contrasted by the creaminess of the filling. Wrapped all around this is the flaky pastry. I am sure that this didn't sell because people turned up their noses to the flavor combination, but it was well worth the $2.
Java House Iowa City, Iowa

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