Saturday, March 10, 2012

Okoboji Kentucky Bourbon Burger

If you look at this picture and think to yourself, "That looks really good", then the Okoboji Grill has duped you, too. On their menu, it says "This 100% fresh burger is glazed with our signature Bourbon sauce, topped with Swiss cheese and crispy fried onion strings and served on a toasted bun." Generally, when businesses claim something to be their "signature" anything, you would think that it was one of their best items. Well, let me tell you that Okoboji's signature Bourbon sauce ruined the entire burger. This sauce was

so sweet that it tasted more like maple syrup than a Bourbon sauce. It also made the crispy fried onions soggy and limp. What the sauce needed was a LOT less sugar and some worcestershire sauce to balance the flavors. Even if this nasty sauce wasn't on the burger, it would have been have been a mediocre burger at best. While the burger may or may not really be 100 % fresh, it is also 100% unseasoned. If you have a good quality meat, then salt and pepper is all that is needed. But this burger wasn't made of a good enough quality of meat to not be seasoned at all. I was unable to finish the burger. If you are a normal reader, you will know that when I saw that the fries were the best part of this meal, it is not a compliment. We came here because kids get to eat for free on Sundays, but if I have another meal like this, the free kids' meals or coupons will not be enough to bring me back.
Okoboji Grill North Liberty, Iowa

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